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Production Role: Writer, Driver

I worked hard to write a simple story with complex characters that resonated with audiences. Love Letter was the product of working in parameters and being willing to change anything that wasn’t working. I had hoped to direct this production myself, but at the time, it was a more valuable choice to not be involved because it helped me to experience the feeling of letting go and trusting a project to someone else.


Having said that, I still love the theme ‘moving forward requires letting go’, and it is still my intention to return to this story again someday – possibly to expand it into a feature film.

A divorcée discovers a love letter he thinks was written to his daughter,

but upon having ‘the talk’ with her, learns it was actually written to his ex-wife.

Director: Connor Robins

Runtime: 11 minutes

Love Letter

Format: 1.78:1

Year:  2017

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