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Fade in.

Morning. A man’s eye opens tentatively to the world. His breathing calm, the room glows from morning sunlight.

This is BRENDAN.

My Story

I’m Brendan Wanderer, a scriptwriter, illustrator and author. I believe that small communities and self-reflection will lead us forward. I was born in a small town in Alberta, and I don't live there anymore.
I am still seeking my village.


I humbly acknowledge that I am an uninvited settler on the unceded territories of the Coast Salish and Snuneymuxw peoples, the traditional stewards of this land whose rich storytelling is now impacting my own.

When I was young, I nearly stepped into the Grand Canyon because I wanted to see what lay beyond the edge. As an adult living with autism, I am constantly finding ways to test my environment and to never cease
from exploration. 


I am a fourth-year creative writing and visual arts student at Vancouver Island University. I previously graduated  from Nova Scotia Community College with an Honours Diploma in Screen Arts. My short film Leave Pizza Here was a selection in the 2016 Atlantic Film Festival. I have a deep love of graphic novels and I am actively working on writing and illustrating two volumes. My short film script The Talk is featured in the 2022 issue of Portal magazine, and a chapter from my graphic memoir Dadless/Daedalus is featured in the 2023 issue.

Today, I am living with my wife and two children in Nanaimo, BC (where we are always busy planning our next big adventure).

(Looking for a more formal bio? A more official-looking photo? Click here.)



About Time, The Shawshank Redemption, Dead Poets Society, The Sixth Sense, It's a Wonderful Life


Breaking Bad, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Newsroom, Six Feet Under, Being Erica, Midnight Mass




Dar Williams, Dan Mangan, Ben Folds, Bruce Springsteen, Yusuf Islam, Jack Antonoff

ART · 

Vincent Van Gogh, Lawren Harris, Wanda Koop, Brice Marden, Piet Mondrian, Jim Dine


I'm usually hard at work on as many as six impossible things before breakfast. Let's connect.


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