A young musician struggles to find her voice. She is surrounded, on all sides, by crowds of people mindlessly absorbed by their own tasks. It all amounts to a library of noise, but with patience and perseverance, not only does she find the strength to play her song, but in time, her voice inspires others to locate their own.

Director: Brendan Wanderer

Runtime: 5 minutes

Above the Noise

Format: 1.78:1

Year:  2017

Production Role: Director, Editor

Above the Noise is one of the few projects where I was involved completely from the start through to completion. Deciding who I wanted to develop a pitch with, auditioning music artists, determining our unique selling point, winning over the band, problem-solving as a crew, creating a rough cut, and then reimagining the idea in post when our initial vision didn't quite pan out. My recipe for success for this project was laying a strong foundation, being prepared, and being open to change when things didn't go as planned.

  • Vimeo - Black Circle

©2017 Brendan Wanderer

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