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Production Role: Script Supervisor, Editor

This was my first experience as the primary script supervisor for a project. I can’t stress enough how valuable the role is, and how important is to that the director (especially first time directors) have an opportunity to meet with the script supervisor beforehand to get clear about the vision and to simplify the expectations as much as possible. My major take-away from the role is the importance of knowing (almost subconsciously) how each shot should be slated as the on-set rep for the Post Production Team.


And from the Post Production experience, my major take-away is the value and importance of knowing the plan for workflow, and ensuring everyone is on-board. A Post Production Supervisor would be great for this.

In Escrow

Under pressure from her boss, a real estate agent is willing to do whatever it takes to sell a house – even if that house happens to be haunted.

Director: Courtney Bolivar

Runtime: 8 minutes


Format: 1.78:1

Year:  2017

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