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Production Role: Director, Editor

This is one of my shining accomplishments from Screen Arts. I went in having been given the most complicated shooting assignment to date of anyone in my class, and I met the challenge head on. When I didn’t have the answer for something, I experimented and explored new ideas. When problems arose on set, the team problem-solved. My major take-away from the shoot is the awareness that there’s usually a simpler solution than whatever our initial impulse is.


I worked hard to edit this, mining all the footage to get the shots I needed to tell the story. And it paid off, because it became my directorial film festival debut.
I owe a debt of gratitude to the crew that gave so much of their time and effort to get us there.

Leave Pizza Here

Determined to get the job done, and with time ticking, a pizza delivery driver is forced to navigate a bizarre labyrinth

Director: Brendan Wanderer

Runtime: 6 minutes

Format: 1.78:1

Year:  2016