"A theme inside this story is pure human sexuality and our sexual desires. Are we monogamous creatures? Is sexuality more fluid and broad than our society preaches to us?

I hope that this film generates respectful dialogue about alternative relationships and that people who are in non-traditional relationships can see parts of themselves and their partners represented in these characters."

                                                         – Samson Learn

Director: Samson Learn

Runtime: 3 minutes

 Production Role: Camera Assist, DMT

My first time on a music video set was also my first experience where actor sensitivity was a prime consideration due in part to a romantic bedroom scene and overall subject matter. My title was Camera Assist, but I ended up taking on the role of DMT as well. This was when I first began to understand the importance of proper slating and note-taking. I was affirmed for always being prepared on set. The director began calling on me for everything, including dry-erase markers.


Your Eyes



Format: 1.78:1

Year:  2016